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Looking for coding quizzes in JavaScript, Python or Ruby? How about Go, Dart or Java? Test your knowledge with programming quizzes for all levels. Tackle quizzes in languages from JavaScript and Python through to Kotlin, Swift & Rust. Save your favourites, remix them, or make your own quizzes with our quiz creator & share them.

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Create & take coding quizzes in heaps of popular programming languages & frameworks, from JavaScript, React, and NodeJS through to Ruby, Python, and Swift.

Play quizzes in your favourite language and practice the programming skills that you want to sharpen. Our coding quizzes are made by the community and also include special quizzes created by some of the top developers on the web.

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Was it .slice() or .splice()? Even the best developers in the world get stuck sometimes: reach for a common method then realize there’s a similarly-named function and they can’t remember exactly which is which..

Use Kwiz to practice the areas that you need to strengthen. You can save your favourite (or most frustrating) quizzes and practice them when you have spare time or as part of your daily coding practice.

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We use rich syntax highlighting & real code blocks in all of our quizzes - no more screenshots!

When you create a quiz using our Kwiz Creator you get real formatting with friendly tabs and proper code blocks. Copy & paste code like the pros :)

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